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About Travel Guide Tenerife

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About Travel Guide Tenerife

This is your one-stop resource for information and tips on how to get the very best from your next holiday to Tenerife.

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Activities and Attractions in Tenerife

Tenerife – The Perfect Winter Holiday Destination Tenerife – The Perfect Winter Holiday Destination

For quite some time, Tenerife has been one of the most popular destinations for those who love to bask in the sun, particularly during the winter months when the average temperature is 21 degrees C, and you can usually count on 6 hours of sun daily. For many, Tenerife is the perfect winter holiday destination. Most likely, the weather during your holiday... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

The 5 Best Golf Courses on Tenerife The 5 Best Golf Courses on Tenerife

The Canary Island’s top destination, Tenerife has almost year-round perfect weather for golf. There are nine courses on the island, each with its own challenges and varied topography, bearing the hallmarks of top designers such as Seve Ballesteros, Donald Steel, and Pepe Gancedo. Major PGA tournaments are held on Tenerife and first-class hotels offer... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

Your Tenerife Travel Guide Your Tenerife Travel Guide

A successful holiday depends largely on choosing a memorable destination. Most travelers have their own criteria for what constitutes an ideal trip, but if you do your research, you can find somewhere that offers a variety of perks. Pristine beaches are great, for instance, but why not select a spot that offers pristine beaches and a variety of historical... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

What to See in Tenerife What to See in Tenerife

There are plenty of fantastic sights to see while on your holiday in Tenerife. Here are some of our Tenerife favourites. The most memorable holiday destinations all share one important trait. They all have breathtaking and unique sights! The “trip of a lifetime” should entail more than sandy beaches and a thriving night scene, and there... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

What to Do in Tenerife What to Do in Tenerife

A holiday in Tenerife can be the most relaxing time of your life. With white sandy beaches, crystal blue ocean, and a tropical climate, the island practically begs its visitors to kick back and rest amidst the boundless beauty and ideal weather. But some travelers equate a relaxing holiday to a dull one, and are not content to merely pamper themselves... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

Planning for Tenerife Weather Planning for Tenerife Weather

It is not unusual for uncontrollable factors to determine the success of a trip. Weather, for instance, can make or break even the best itinerary. Without warm temperatures and sun, even the most alluring beach scenes lose their charm. And who really wants to hike a mountainous terrain or visit an outdoors museum when it is cold and rainy? You can spend... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

The Spectacular Tenerife Festivals The Spectacular Tenerife Festivals

You will find that some of the most memorable moments of your holiday will be those spent immersing yourself in the culture of your destination. It is always worth it to work a few museum stops into your itinerary to add an educational component to your trip. If you are lucky, your stay might coincide with a cultural event that is unique to the local... [Read more of this Tenerife article]

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