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Impress your friends with some intruiging facts about Tenerife

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Have you noticed that people love to hear intruiging facts about the destination they are visiting? Impress your friends with your knowledge of a handful of stories about the island of Tenerife.

1.  La Laguna – The Place for Cigar Making
You may not think that the small resort of La Laguna in the northeast of the island would have an interesting story to tell. Well, you would be wrong. Many Tenerife inhabitans emigrated to Cuba only to later return with the knowledge of cigar making. The climate in La Laguna [warm and sub-tropical] is ideal for the growing of tobacco plants and has therefore lead to the development of an important cigar making industry. In fact, La Laguna is famous for the hand made palmero cigar that has been rolled with a singe leaf.

2.  Vilaflor – Its Name Says it All
Vilaflor is a lovely, rural resort in central Tenerife and its name is literally translated as “Village Flower”. However, if you visit Vilaflor, you will notice that upon the town’s coat of arms are the words “Vi la flor de Chasna”. How did this come about? Originally known as Chasna by the Guanches, during the Conquest a conquistador named Captain Pedro de Bracamonte fell deeply in love with a Guanche girl and just before he died he is supposed to have said “Vi la flor de Chasna” – “I have seen the flower of Chasna”. The town has now just taken the name of Vilaflor.

3.  Spot the Cattle
If you know people are going on trips around the island, ask them to look out for a herd of cattle … undoubtedly they will never spot one. They may see some sheep, or pigs, but as the island of Tenerife imports lots of its beef from South America and lamb and pork from Mainland Spain.

These are just 3 of the many interest facts that Tenerife has to offer.

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